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Bahia BA


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Bahia appeared to be inferior in past matches against Santos. Statistics show that, in the past 21 encounters with Santos in all competitions, Bahia only won 5 matches, the remaining 6 draws and 10 defeats. However, in the upcoming match, Bahia still receives a lot of confidence in their ability to win. The reason is because in addition to the advantage on the field, Bahia also possesses better performance than its opponents. After 23 rounds in the Brazilian National Championship this season, Bahia won 25 points, ranked 15th on the rankings. Meanwhile, Santos only won 21 points, ranked 17th. Having to play away from home, it is difficult for Santos to promise to improve their performance. In the last 6 consecutive matches away from home, they have lost both in terms of score and Asian odds. On the opposite side, Bahia has a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten matches at home. In the Brazilian National Championship last season, Bahia won 3-0 when hosting Santos at home despite only having a -1/4 handicap. Therefore, with a -3/4 handicap in the upcoming match, Bahia soon showed that they have confidence in their ability to win.

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