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Utah Surf (W) vs La Roca FC (W) H2H Statistics & History Records

  • Utah Surf (W)


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  • La Roca FC (W)

Recent records (Win rate statistics and match details of the two teams for the latest 15 matches)

Utah Surf (W)

Utah Surf (W) got 1 wins, 0 draws and 4 loses in the latest 5 matches with a win rate of 20%, while its Over rate is 25%



League Date Home Scores Away 1X2 O/U
USA WPSL Utah Arrows SC (w) 2:1 Utah Surf (W) 2 U 4.5/5
USA WPSL Utah Surf (W) 0:3 Uta avalanche women (W) 2 U 3.5
USA WPSL Utah Red Devils (w) 3:2 Utah Surf (W) 2 O 4.5
USA WPSL Utah Surf (W) 1:8 Colorado Rush (w) 2
USA WPSL Utah Arrows SC (w) 1:2 Utah Surf (W) 1 U 4/4.5